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About Premier Minerals, Inc.

Premier Minerals, Inc., a bonded operator with the Texas Railroad Commission, was formed in January 1996 as a full service oil and gas operating company. Our company philosophy has always been to maintain client interest above our own. Having worked for several independent oil companies prior to forming Premier, the principles brought a diverse educational and experience background together.

The prevailing philosophy has always been to employ independent industry experts with regionally specific knowledge and experience to develop specific projects. This allows the company to participate in every area of production in Texas in order to exploit the best opportunities available. At this time, we are actively pursuing development deals that may utilize the latest technology, such as 3-D seismic, horizontal drilling or radial jet enhancement, where appropriate. By targeting both oil and gas prospects, we are able to take advantage of the best market conditions available at the time the prospect is generated. We always participate to the highest level possible in every venture we sponsor. This motivates us to operate the wells in the most efficient manner possible because our revenues are directly tied to those of the investor.